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how can i withdraw my satoshi?

Go to : http://www.luckybitco.in/prizes > pick prize you have enough Satoshi > Click "GET PRIZE" > Enter details and BTC address and click "confrim" Then wait when your Satoshi reach your faucetbox/wallet!

Where is the faucet?

Our Faucet is unique!You can find faucet here : http://www.luckybitco.in/gifts

How can i earn satoshi?

You can earn Satoshi in gift faucet:just pick 1 gift every hour!And refer new members using your link will give you 50% earnings !

how to register in here? when i register, it show text "multiple account not allowed"

Looks like you already have account ! Please Contact us: http://www.luckybitco.in/contact-us

i have 989 satoshi till now. how will i get satoshis? all i have to do is to claim prizes and how i will earn bitcoin?

Just go to http://www.luckybitco.in/prizes and take prize that you have points enough !

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