All is easy here don't cheat and get best of this game!

I will say that here is no losers unless you don't try to win. ..

How to win?


2.Go to PROFILE page

3.In "Menue" click settings

4.Go down to the profile description and fill it.

5.Return to PROFILE page

6.Copy your Voting Link and ask your friends for a vote!

7.Collect Satoshi for each vote and exchange them for Bitcoins

8.Also visit GAMES page to collect more Satoshi



I will explain how it works:

After registration each member gets his unique voting link:

If members promote this link to his friends and acquaintances he will get 1 point for each real vote confirm:

With collected points members can play games where they can get more Satoshi (1 game is free)

When member collect enough Satoshi they can exchange them to free bitcoin  (more coming soon)


Come and show how many friends you have: 

Happy free bitcoins :)

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