1. No cheating.

2. No proxy to gain Satoshi.

3. No promoting in pay to clicks or manual/auto surfs.

4. No multiple accounts.

5. Satoshi needed for prizes can change with no warning.

6. It can take from 1 minute to 30 days to collect prize in your bitcoin wallet.

7. Bitcoins are sent to FaucetBox or as Direct payment to wallet!

7.1 Prizes under 0.001 BTC is sent to FaucetBox.com (with Transaction Fee )

7.2 Prizes bigger than 0.001 BTC is sent as direct payment (with Transaction Fee )

7.3 If we sent your prize to FaucetBox.com its not our foult you dont see it.There is just a little history.

8. Any kind of bot using is illegal and can be a reason to your account be closed.

9. In your proffile you cant add illegal img or text that could harm others.

10.If user gets 5 withdraw warnings user will be suspended.

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